HTML Tables

If you have a table already created in another program (such as Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc), there is a website that converts copied cells into an HTML table. For this tutorial, we will be using Tableizer.

Copy the cells from the table you’ve made. Usually, this is done by clicking and dragging across the cells to select all of the relevant rows and columns, then using the shortcut “command+c”. In my example, I’m using Numbers, a spreadsheet program provided by most Apple Mac devices.

On Tableizer, paste (command+p) into the textbox. Your cells might look a little off. Please note that Tableizer does not support copying and pasting merged cells. If your table requires the use of merged cells, please contact the interns at

Dixie’s website already accounts for CSS, so please check the “No CSS” option. When everything looks okay, click “Tableize It!

A new page will load with your cells converted into an HTML table. Click “Copy HTML to Clipboard“.

Back on WordPress, paste your new HTML table into the “text” editor.

Be sure to preview your page before you publish! If something looks wrong, contact the web services interns at The final product should look like this:

Email Phone Year in School Major
Aaron Johnson 1 (435) 555-8765 Junior Graphic Design
Bridget Thompson 1 (435) 555-9876 Senior Information Tech
Jane Doe 1 (435) 555-1234 Freshman Web Development
John Doe 1 (435) 555-5678 Senior Information Tech
Philip Eldred 1 (435) 555-1011 Junior Computer Science
Rachael Snow 1 (435) 555-1213 Junior Web Development
Sarah Smith 1 (435) 555-4321 Sophomore Computer Science