Resource Boxes

The web team has come up with some styling to use if you want some content on your page to match the resources page.

The minimum width for resource boxes is 200px, and the default height is 200px. These may be overwritten with column shortcodes, and you should account for these sizes when choosing your images.

In this example, we are using <h3> tags as the headline. This works best visually and meets our theme guidelines.

In short, the layout looks like this:
<div class="resource-box" style="background-image: url('');">


Genetic Counseling

Software Development

If you want the resource boxes to link elsewhere, it is recommended that you wrap the entire div in an anchor link. This will push your content to the next row, but you can fix this with column shortcodes.

We are currently working on improving these designs. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to the Web Team.