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Web Oversight Committee

Web Oversight Committee

Who are we?

The Web Oversight Committee may consist of:

  • The Director of Web Services
  • Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Dean of the College of Science, Technology, & Engineering
  • A Student Affairs Representative
  • Director of IT Instructional Services
  • Director of Distance & Digital Learning
  • A Technical Writer
  • A rotating representative of DSU Student Government
  • Others as designated

What do we do?

The website is our university's most powerful marketing tool for prospective students and is used daily by faculty, staff, and current students, so it's important that it be as effective and attractive as possible. The Web Oversight Committee oversees the strategic direction of the website and approves standards and procedures for design and maintenance. The Web Oversight Committee has the final say and ultimate authority on all web content.

View Policy 464: University Public Web Presence