Web Content Editor Role

The DSU Departmental Web Content Editor is a new role created on campus to make it easier and faster for you to update your website. You’ll be able to make sure everything is always up to date and has the information your users are looking for; Web Services will be here to help you make it look great and build any special features you need.

You’ll have access to our training modules and site documentation, so you can understand how your web pages are generated, and how to make them look great! You’ll have a web intern assigned to assist you with the website and answer any questions you have. You’ll only be responsible for making sure the content is up to date and correct, the web team will handle any additional coding or designs.

Before gaining access (or to continue having access) you’ll attend a training covering the following topics:

After the training, you will sign an agreement, asserting that you understand the rules and your responsibilities. It is also critical you inform us if you’re leaving your department and/or will no longer serve as Departmental Web Content Editor; each department MUST have a Departmental Web Content Editor at all times.

We’re in the process of developing documentation, tutorials, and resources for you, and will have them ready before your training session. Trainings begin after June 2nd. We’ll send you an invite to sign up for training.