DSU Web Services

Memorandum of Understanding
for Web Content Editors

Updated September 2021

Web Content Editor Role Description

The Web Content Editor role was created to provide a point of contact with Web Services and to help ensure web content is accurate and up to date. You will have attended a training to learn how to use our website builder WordPress, and you will have access to online tutorials and documentation for assistance. For online forms, custom code, advanced features, or anything else you need help with, submit a work order.

The duties of the Web Content Editor are as follows:

  1. Frequently review each page on dixie.edu that falls within your department’s area of responsibility. Ensure content is accurate and reflective of any departmental changes.
  2. Watch for emails from Web Services to stay aware of updates and changes.
  3. If you are leaving DSU or transferring departments, you must notify Web Services – if possible, let us know who will be assuming your role as the Web Content Editor.
  4. Understand that Web Services reserves the right to make changes to any websites under dixie.edu at any time.

Rules & Regulations for Web Content Editors

Web Content Editors are expected to follow all applicable DSU policies and procedures regarding web development. The following actions should be avoided; they may result in the loss of editing privileges and could lead to disciplinary action:

  • Adding scripts, styling, widgets, plugins, or any other kind of code intended to modify the display or functionality of our website.
  • Sharing your login information with anyone or allowing anyone to use your account to make edits.
  • Uploading content infected with malicious scripts or viruses.
  • Revealing personal and/or sensitive information about yourself, coworkers, or students, including D-numbers and FERPA-protected information.
  • Posting images, videos, information, opinions, or any other kind of content that reflects poorly on the University or any department within the University.
  • Attempting to hack or exploit vulnerability in our site or network, or gain access beyond what you are assigned.
Agreement of Rules & Responsibilities

Memorandum of Understanding