form checklist results

Do people need to access this form off-campus?


Here’s a list of things that will prevent off-campus access to a form- if you absolutely need them, work with Denise, Rex & TJ to get this working

  • Page restrict
  • file uploads
  • Entry views
  • Required WP/dixieID logins

Do you need to restrict the form to DSU faculty/staff/students only?


Hooray! You do not need to set up or configure anything

Do people need to upload files?


Great! no need to worry about spam being uploaded!

Do people need to view entries/ information from form submissions?


Use the following guidelines:

  • Ideally all views should be behind a login. (either page password or page restrict)
    • Page restrict is best option, but limits access to DSU members & to on-campus network only
    • Page password is another option – but requires department to give password to approved users before they can login.
    • If view needs to public(eg: job board), review each entry before publishing. Do not publish personal info.
  • Do not allow indexing of views.

Does it contain sensitive/personal information?


Good! You don’t have to take any special precautions with non-sensitive data.