Troubleshooting Guide: Logging into

PLEASE NOTE: The login URL should be kept secret, since it was moved from wp-login to prevent brute-force attacks via web crawlers or anyone who isn't a web content editor. If you can't remember the login URL, please call web services via your office phone.

For that reason, the login URL will hereby be referred to as "the login URL" or "<login-url>", because it would be a security risk to write it down for the public to see.

1. Make sure you are on campus

We disable most logins off-campus, so make sure that you are on campus when you are attempting to log in. Some pages, however, are whitelisted, so if you are still experiencing issues, please continue reading the other steps.

2. Double check your username/password

A high percentage of our login issues stem from incorrect usernames or passwords. Please make sure that you are logging in with your DixieID and single sign-on password. If you have forgotten a password, or need to change it, please visit

3. Try logging in from the main site

If you are absolutely certain you have the correct username and password combination and you are still receiving a login error, try logging in from the main site. The login URL is the same, just under<login-url> rather than<login-url>.

After logging in through the main site, you can navigate to your site and hard-refresh the page. You will know if you are logged in if you can access the admin dashboard or view a black toolbar at the top of the page.

4. Call web services to verify your permissions

If none of these steps worked, feel free to call the DSU Web Services team to verify your user permissions. We have a lot of users on and some of our authentication processes tend to get overlooked.

5. Submit a Web Request

Please be certain that you have completed the previous steps before submitting a web request as we receive plenty of web requests that can be resolved through following this troubleshooting guide.

Click here to submit a web request.