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DSU Page Theme Options

Web Services offers several themes to choose from for your department page


Standard: Dixie-s15

The Standard template includes a large photo header, left side navigation bar, and customized web content that can include anything from your mission statement to recent blog posts. Current pages with the Standard format are Web Services and University News.

Specialized Blog: Dixie-s15-blog

The Specialized Blog template includes a small photo or brand header, right side navigation bar, and customized web content for blog posts or other department information. A current page with the Specialized Blog format is the Blazer Bulletin.

Custom Top Navigation: Dixie-s15-child

The Custom Top Navigation template includes a large photo header, a navigation bar at the top of the page specifically for pages in your department, and customized web content for important links, announcements, or other information. Current pages with the Custom Top Navigation format are Career Services, UMAC, and the English Department.Career Services Homepage

Slide Navigation: Dixie-s15-schools

The Slide Navigation template includes both a large photo header and sliding photo navigation bar, as well as a left navigation bar and customized web content to include other important department links, news or blog posts. Current pages with the Slide Navigation format are Academics and International Student Services.Screenshot of Academics Homepage


Branded Resource: Dixie-s17-portals2

The Branded Resource template is used for major department pages accessible directly from the DSU homepage. This template includes a top navigation bar, photo slideshow header, a sliding calendar for upcoming events. Current pages with the Branded Resource format are Current Students and Faculty & Staff.Screenshot of Students Homepage