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Image Size & Placement

NOTE: This post needs to be updated to reflect how to use this feature in the new Gutenberg Editor.


WordPress will automatically save your image in multiple sizes. The sizes are full(original dimensions), large (max 1000px), medium(max 300px) and thumbnail(150x150px square). To use a specific size, select the image in the Media Library. Now look at the side bar to the left of the media uploader/browser. Towards the bottom you should see a field for “sizes.” Use the dropdown to select the size you want. You may also choose whether or not the image links to the image file, an attachment page(a special page to display images, this page is automatically generated) or lastly, a custom url, which allows you to use the image to link to another page or website.


Positioning the image to the right or left is easy. Use the classes “alignleft”, “alignright” and “alignone” to position the image to the right or left of text.These classes will also add a bit of spacing around your images to keep them from running into the text. If you want them to flush up against each other with no spacing, use the classes “float-left” or “float-right”.

Example code to align an image:



i’m in a div with alignleft class

Burmese. Siamese ocelot. Russian blue russian blue so american shorthair so burmese. American bobtail persian yet puma or jaguar, but ocelot for tom burmese. Mouser kitten grimalkin ocelot scottish fold or cougar siberian. Kitten havana brown cheetah, yet bobcat but bombay manx. Tomcat cougar. Kitty ragdoll yet ragdoll american shorthair abyssinian , lynx. Thai leopard panther. Havana brown cheetah. Ragdoll bombay but leopard. Devonshire rex american bobtail. Cheetah siamese panther so malkin cougar tiger.

Birman persian bengal manx but ocicat for tom. Mouser kitten yet donskoy sphynx and cheetah havana brown yet cornish rex. Russian blue havana brown and tom so american shorthair siamese malkin turkish angora. Devonshire rex russian blue but savannah but sphynx or american shorthair. Cheetah.


i’m in a div with alignright class

Cougar. Tabby donskoy ocelot and ocelot siamese and siamese. Abyssinian devonshire rex manx. Abyssinian puma mouser yet bobcat. Tiger tabby but malkin. Donskoy tom cougar or turkish angora yet tiger ocelot and tom. Manx lion, for maine coon but kitty yet cornish rex. Ocicat turkish angora malkin or norwegian forest bobcat but devonshire rex, so scottish fold. American bobtail.

Munchkin. Donskoy bobcat for maine coon ocelot or himalayan. Tom lynx grimalkin egyptian mau, egyptian mau. American bobtail grimalkin and cornish rex yet maine coon and turkish angora or turkish angora singapura. Ocelot abyssinian . Panther abyssinian .

Singapura persian devonshire rex. American shorthair. Persian. Burmese thai, kitten. Ocelot siamese so ocicat so lion maine coon so tabby. Norwegian forest norwegian forest so bobcat bengal. British shorthair mouser.


i’m in a div with alignnone class

Images on Mobile Devices

Our theme should automatically scale your images to be no larger than the size of the window. Sometimes this may cause images to look squished. This is easily fixed. Open your page in WordPress. Open the text editor tab. Find you image tag. Change the height attribute to auto. Click save. Now you image should scale correctly.