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Formatting Text

Many of the pages on dixie.edu are articles, documents, contracts, faqs and other text-based content. Here’s some examples and explanations on how to appropriately format text to maximize readability.

My Awesome Article Title

My Also Awesome Subheading With More Information For Readers

Notice how the title is short, and doesn’t wrap to the next line? If a title wraps to the next line on a desktop view, it’s too long. Readers won’t bother to read a title if it’s too long. Subtitles can be longer, but try to keep them short as well. Don’t use all caps; text is harder to read when it’s all in capitals. If you have many sections in your article, use the class “top-margin” on your headings to break up the sections.

I’m a new section

My heading has the class “top-margin” set. All editors are allowed and encouraged to use the reusable classes the Web Services team has developed(however, editors are not allowed to add their own styles or classes). You can set the class by opening the WYSIWYG editor and clicking on the “Text” tab.

You should see something like below:

<h2>I’m a new section</h2>

change it to:

<h2 class=”top-margin”2>I’m a new section</h2>