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Staff Pages

By Maryn Weed

The Faculty/Staff pages might initially seem complicated when looking at the code, but there really is nothing to building them. The pages are composed of rows of columns, and each column contains one faculty or staff listing. We have a specific format for full-time staff and faculty, and separate one for part-time or adjunct staff and faculty.

Full-time Staff & Faculty

Each listing should be in a one_third column. See our tutorial on column shortcode for more information on how to use the columns. The format for each listing is as follows, please note that images should be head shots saved at 200px x 250px (the default man/woman photos can be found on our downloads page).

We recommend adding in a "Zero-Width Space" before the '@' in an email address. When an email address is too long to fit on one line, it will break at the "Zero-Width Space" rather than in the middle of a word. The html code for the "Zero-Width Space" is ​ and it must be added in the "Text" Editor mode.

<img src=”image-url-goes-here.jpg” alt=”Person Name” width=”200” height=”250” />
<h3>Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.</h3>
<h4>Department Chair/Associate Professor</h4>
<strong>Email:</strong> crenshaw​
<strong>Phone:</strong> 435-555-5555
<strong>Office:</strong> Holland 446
Ph.D. Texas Woman’s University
<a href="#">Extended Profile</a>


Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.

Department Chair/Associate Professor

Phone: 435-555-5555
Office: Holland 446
Ph.D. Texas Woman’s University
Extended Profile

Part-time or Adjunct Staff & Faculty

The format for each listing is as follows:

<h3>Alexis Ence</h3>
<strong>Email:</strong> ence​