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Web Style Guide for dixie.edu

A Guide on Sizes, Styles, Colors and Formatting Elements and Information

This style guide was assembled to insure the integrity of Dixie State University’s brand on the website. The goal is to consistently recreate elements across the multiple subdomains on the website. This style guide covers many of the commonly used design elements on the website. These guidelines are not meant to restrict your creativity in approaching design problems within the website, but they should be followed to allow for the best user experience across the University’s multiple websites.

The purpose of this Style Guide is to provide the campus community with a unified set of guidelines pertaining to the Dixie State University website. These ground rules are not meant to be restrictive, but to encourage consistency and brand integrity, all in an effort to establish a unified image for this institution.

Whether you are creating a department site, program, form, or simply fixing a pages content, it is always part of a larger identity system. Piece by piece, it all adds up to a single, effective impression. Also be sure to check out the official UMAC Branding guide for more information.