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Post Statuses

WordPress posts have several different states. They are:

  • Published
    Viewable by everyone. (publish)
  • Future
    Scheduled to be published in a future date. (future)
  • DraftIncomplete post viewable by anyone with proper user role. (draft)
  • Pending
    Awaiting a user with the publish_posts capability (typically a user assigned the Editor role) to publish. (pending)
  • Private
    Viewable only to WordPress users at Administrator level. (private)
  • Trash
    Posts in the Trash are assigned the trash status. (trash)
  • Auto-Draft
    Revisions that WordPress saves automatically while you are editing. (auto-draft)
  • Inherit
    Used with a child post (such as Attachments and Revisions) to determine the actual status from the parent post. (inherit)
source: WordPress.org

The Post Creation Process

When you first create a new page, it exists as a draft. WordPress with autosave your draft every few minutes, so even if you forget to click “Save Draft” you will still have a copy(although it may not include all your changes). When you click “Publish” your post will become public immediately, so do not click publish until you’re finished. If you need to view your work so far, use the “Preview” button. Additionally, when you publish a page, our site sends a request to Google to index the new page, so again, please wait until your page is finished to publish, or else Google may index your page before it’s done.