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We have various plugins installed on our site; some of them add functionality for all users, and some require a web intern or Web Services to configure them for use on your site. Below you will find descriptions of each of the plugins and how to use them.


Editor-Access Plugins

Column Shortcodes

Shortcode Selection Screen

Shortcode Selection Screen

The column shortcode plugin allows you to easily add columns to your pages. Start by clicking the brackets button in the Page/Post Editor. After clicking you will see the following screen.

Shortcode tag Example

Shortcode tag Example

Click the size column you want to add, and put your content between the “tags” it generates.

Shortcode columns with the "last column" highlighted

Shortcode columns with the “last column” highlighted

Add a “last column” to end your row(s). This is step is important to prevent alignment issues later on. You may add spacing between columns using the code in the example. The format is padding=”top right bottom left” and accepts pixel sizes only.

Page Restrict

The Page Restrict plugin allows us to limit access to users who are logged in using their DixieID. It also limits access to users on-campus. Limiting access to users on-campus is a security precaution to protect our website from outside threats.

To restrict access to a page, check the “Restrict Page” option at the bottom of the Page/Post Editor screen.

The Page Restrict checkbox

The Page Restrict checkbox

The Page Restrict options page

The Page Restrict options page

After checking the box, check the “Page Restrict” options to verify that the plugin has been activated. If you do not see a link to the options page, ask your intern or Web Services to verify that it has been enabled. This step only needs to be done once.

Once on the options page, check that the “Restriction Method” is set to “Selected.” Once this is done, you should see a list of all your pages, with the restricted ones highlighted.

Meta Slider

The Meta Slider screen

The Meta Slider screen

The Meta Slider is for easily adding image sliders to your website. It is easy to setup and customize. Start by clicking the “Meta Slider Pro” button in the dashboard’s sidebar. This will take you to the Meta Slider plugin screen.

Simple History

Simple History plugin screen

Simple History plugin screen

The Simple History plugin has no effect on how your pages are displayed or what can be added to them. It adds functionality to the backend, and allows you to review what changes have been made to your site. You can access it from the Simple History widget on the main dashboard.

Administrator-only Plugins

The following plugins require a user with Administrator access to edit them. Administrators include web interns, Web Services, and select members of IT.


If you would like to add a form to your website, you must have the Web Team (a Web Intern, or Web Services) add it for you. We have very specific security guidelines we must follow to protect user information. However our forms are flexible can be used for a great many purposes. Example uses include: contact forms; job boards; message boards; quizzes; online courses; post, article or other content submissions; and online elections.

Videos & Video Galleries

If you would like to add a video or a playlist of multiple videos to you page, ask the Web Team to add this for you.

Link Library

If you have a long list of links to add your page, consider asking Web Services to enable the “Link Library” on your site. It’s a plugin that allows your site to display links as if they were posts. You can attach a title, image, description, categories and tags to your links, making them searchable and sortable. The DSU Policy Library is built using this plugin.

Custom CSS

If you would like a page with unique styling or layouts contact Web Services to design your page.